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Garry Burton Photography


Charity Art Auction at the Gladstone Hotel, Dulwich Hill.

16th July 2005

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Lot1 Bin Xie 'Settlers Cottage'

Lot1 bought John Dubber

Lot2 Beverley Filmer 'Sand Whiting' up for grabs

Lot2 Beverley Filmer 'Sand Whiting'

Lot20 Vanessa Ashcroft 'The Forgotten 1'

Lot22 Nadja Blagaza Untitled

 bought by Ita Joyce from NZ

Lot22 Nadja Blagaza Untitled

Lot22 Nadja Blagaza Untitled

Lot24 Karen Davis Untitled

Lot31 Rew Hanks Tiger's Dozen'

Lot45 Vicki Osmond Untitled

Lot5 and Lot55 Tracey Squires


Lot52 Annette Simpson 'Bonnette and Boottees'

Lot58 Corrine Brittain 'Reversal of Fortunes' with new owner

Lot58 Corrine Brittain 'Reversal of Fortunes'

Lot5 Tracey Squires Untitled

Lot61 Teong-Eng Tan 'Plant next to Kimino' and Lot62 Nadja Blagaza Untitled

Lot63 Janice Jan

 'Silken Threads'


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